What am I like as a designer, a coworker, an employee? Here are over 20 recommendations from people I have worked with or for. In addition, I have a list of references, available upon request.

“ Jonathan has a unique and valuable skillset in regards to devising creative and intuitive user experiences, with a keen eye for creating responsive user interfaces. He's also a talented graphic designer with skills in both web and print work, with particularly vast experience in designing for the web.

He has worked diligently to strategize and design imaginative and effective internet and extranet sites – including websites, portals, and mobile apps – for many large clients across various industries. His interest in the technology behind the design is varied, and I've always been impressed with his ability to stay on top of the latest trends, tools, and technologies of the ever-changing web. His genuine love and interest of this industry is truly admirable.

Jonathan has an easy-going attitude and an accommodating personality, so he fits in well with any work environment. His low ego makes him an expert at collaboration and his integrity is irreproachable. These are qualities that are not always easy to come by. ”
Dan Miller, Director of UX & Design at Aware Web Solutions (manager)

“ Jonathan is a talented designer that has a solid understanding of user-centered design. His passion for the industry results in creative solutions that are current in their techniques without foregoing best practices and standards essential to creating an optimal experience. Jonathan's keen visual sense and creativity is undeniable.

Jonathan is also a genuinely great guy. He's fun to work with and always willing to help out. ”
Brooke Doring, Senior UX Designer at Aware Web Solutions (coworker)

“ Jonathan is a top-notch UX designer who easily takes on projects that require both a high level of creativity and a keen eye. Jonathan takes direction well and executes work in a timely manner. He’s known to offer good, sound artistic advice and suggestions. Even under demanding circumstances like tight deadlines or situations involving multiple changes, Jonathan remains flexible and professional. He would be an asset to any employer. ”
Carrie Mahoney, Web Marketing Manager at Aware Web Solutions (coworker)

“ Jonathan is a dedicated team member who puts in a great deal of time and effort to ensure he delivers a right sized solution to his clients. Definitely someone you can count on. ”
Todd Johnson, Technical Analyst at Aware Web Solutions (coworker)

“ Jonathan is a creative thinker and a can-do problem solver. He spearheaded the web design for several Betty Crocker equity building campaigns on, a top food website, and consistently delivered innovative designs that showcased our content in fresh and exciting ways. His personal passion for these projects made him a go-to resource for me and my team. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative ”
Susan Klobuchar, Food Content Marketing Manager at General Mills (client)

“ Jonathan made my workday not only more enjoyable, but also so much easier! As a project manager I really appreciated Jonathan's design skills, technical ability and attention to job details, all while staying on top of multiple changing priorities and deadlines. Jonathan is super commited to his work and is very hard working -- always putting in the extra effort that resulted in a delighted client time after time. Jonathan is a team player, but is also able to work independently. Jonathan has that rare combination of creativity and organization that results in great creative, on time, and continually exceeding client expectations. I enjoyed passing along client compliments on Jonathan's work on a regular basis! ”
Nanci Stoddard, Senior Project Manager at McCann Worldgroup (coworker)

“ Jonathan makes designing and executing branded web content look easy, especially when it's not. He picks up new skills quickly, which allows him to switch hit between graphic design and front-end web development. He's passionate about his work and never settles for what can be done when he knows what should be done. I'd recommend Jonathan for anything from branding a website to developing a full-fledged web application. ”
Dan Bayn, Assoc. Director of UX Planning at McCann Worldgroup (manager)

“ I worked with Jonathan for nearly 2 years in the Relationship Marketing department at General Mills. He is one of the most talented graphic designers I have ever worked with. His designs, campaigns and messages on the website are always drop-dead gorgeous and instantly appealing! I constantly go to his work for inspiration. I have also personally seen him do whatever it takes to get the project done ahead of the deadline. Jonathan is very dedicated to his work. He has also helped me countless times with design and project ideas as well as technical Sitecore issues. He is a true team player. Jonathan would be a terrific asset to any design team. ”
Holly Ostertag, Production Designer at General Mills (coworker)

“ Jonathan is an incredible asset. He's truly been instrumental to the success of During the time I've worked with him, he has demonstrated an extremely dedicated work ethic and has been known to impress clients time and time again with his excellent design and web development skills. I wouldn't for a second hesitate to say he is a gifted interactive designer any team would be lucky to have. ”
Kali Kotz, Associate Copywriter at McCann Worldgroup (coworker)

“ It is truly a rare thing in the creative world to find an individual who can be equally skilled in both the aesthetic and the technical side of things. However, Jonathan consistently showed a passion and excellence towards the visual design of every project that came across his desk, as well as the executional understanding and expertise to bring those ideas to life in a real-world, digital environment. And if that weren't enough - he also has a pretty incredible sense of humor. I not only recommend Jonathan, but I also hope that at some point, sometime in the future, I will get the opportunity to work with him again. ”
Renee Ferron, Interactive Designer at McCann Worldgroup (coworker)

“ Jonathan brings a whole slew of skills to the party - in combinations that you don't always find: He is creative and also efficient, reliable and also able to deal with changes, independent and also an outstanding team player. The guy works hard. His attention to detail seems to drive him to do whatever it takes to deliver quality, even if that means putting in the long hours to make sure that quality is delivered on time. A truly great guy to have on your team. ”
Tim Francis, Senior Project Manager at McCann Worldgroup (manager)

“ I've enjoyed the opportunity to work with Jonathan at General Mills. His creative work is outstanding and his positive attitude makes working together fun. He would be a great asset to any team. ”
Aaron Sievers, Sitecore CMS / .NET Web Developer at General Mills (coworker)

“ Jonathan has done a wide variety of work for me. He has designed and maintained my companies website, which draws consumers on a monthly basis. He also designed the cover for my new book releasing this next month, "Growing Young." The cover looks great and the publishing firm was very happy with Jonathans work. I have used Jonathan for the design of my business cards, flyers, banners, and multiple ads that I have ran in newspapers. His work is always well done, and every things he has done for me has been exceptional. I highly recommend him to any company seeking an innovative designer with great skills in graphic arts and design, as well as in web design. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity ”
Joshua Huffman, DC, DACNB, DAAIM. Owner at Mounds View Chiropractic (client)

“ Jonathan did an excellent job of quickly learning a web tool no one else at Asset knew that was critical for the success of our most important sales channel. After learning the tool, he improved the design of the landing pages as well as increased the speed of completion resulting in a significant increase in sales. I have been very pleased with the work Jonathan has done for me. ”
Bob Wilkie, Director of Marketing at Asset Marketing Services, Inc. (manager)

“ Working with Jonathan has been easy and productive. He is flexible with changes and handles my last minute corrections with aplomb. He listens and asks pertinent questions. His email designs have a good flow and portray the image of our brands. He maintains a positive outlook and attitude. I enjoy working with him. ”
Heather Wittmer, Research Analyst at Asset Marketing Services, Inc. (coworker)

“ Jonathan is very easy to work with and is open to change and new ideas. He managed many projects at once including email campaigns, web maintenance, banner creations, micro sites, website mock-ups and much more! While creating emails, he paid great attention to detail and put a creative spin to really get inside of the product we were promoting. He is very knowledgeable about email/web design best practices and follows them to a T. Whenever anyone came up to him and needed something quickly, he was always willing to help and take on whatever project was given to him. ”
Mindy Sinclair, Project Manager at Asset Marketing Services, Inc. (coworker)

“ I have been impressed with Jonathan’s creative design work over the time he has been with Asset Marketing. He has designed numerous e-mail campaigns, website banners and landing pages. These projects ranged from basic to very sophisticated designs. Particular large projects involved a collaborative effort between several departments and individuals. Jonathan possesses the vision to interpret the creative position of all the project stakeholders and present a design the that exceeds expectations. He has also had 'creative license' to design several projects with little or no direction. Jonathan met these challenges with gleaming results. I would highly recommend Jonathan for a position the entails an individual who has the ability to produce designs that are specific in nature. But, more importantly he has the imagination to create 'out of the box' designs that are spectacular. ”
Dave Lindquist, Product Merchandiser at Asset Marketing Services, Inc. (manager)

“ Jonathan is an excellent designer and very easy to work with. He pays great attention to detail and is a very good listener, which enables him to produce what has been asked of him. He comes to the table prepared to work and share ideas to make a project better. Working with Jonathan has been a pleasure and a privelege. ”
Jill Olson, Project Manager at Asset Marketing Services, Inc. (coworker)

“ Jonathan is a talented web designer and he would be a great asset to any team. He is detail-orientated and can manage many projects at once. Jonathan is a quick learner and he is not afraid to take on new challenges or try different approaches. He is professional and always has a positive attitude. ”
Jen Kriske, Senior Art Director at Asset Marketing Services, Inc. (manager)

“ Jonathan has done a great job on a in desiging a new web application that has helped us revolutionize the delivery of multiple video to our customers. He did an outstanding job in streamlining the product and working with the team, brought the product quickly to the marketplace. ”
Brian Murphy, Director of Products & Delivery at UnityWorks! Media (manager)

“ Jonathan is a highly enthusiastic and talented creative director who brings an unwavering honesty to his work. Jonathan led the creative efforts in developing a new identity for the company in addition to numerous creative channels. Jonathan is a dedicated, passionate, and honest leader who maintains his integrity through all his professional interactions and challenges. ”
John Doyle, VP, Design Department at Unity Works Media (manager)

“ Jonathan is a detail oriented competent web designer. His primary functions while I worked with him included, but was not limited to: graphic design of landing pages for our clients; brochures and advertising for our company and clients; DotNetNuke portal support, administration, and design; managing 2 graphic/Web designers, overseeing and approval of their work. ”
David Briggs, DBA at UnityWorks! Media (coworker)

“ Jonathan is a knowledgeable graphic artist who performs quality work. ”
Todd Ederer, Multimedia Producer at UnityWorks! Media (coworker)

“ Jonathan is a rising star in the area of online marketing communications. He is intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working - and above all, creative! ”
Dan Wegner, Marketing Strategy Consultant at UnityWorks! Media (coworker)

“ Jonathan was a great person to work with. He's very friendly, talented, and focused. I really enjoyed working with him. ”
Robert Nelson, Senior Web Developer at Donaldson Company, Inc. (manager)